George Henry Rowe


Web Design

I quite enjoy making websites, sometimes for friends, sometimes for money, sometimes just to try stuff out. Want one? Drop me a line.

Online Archery Scoreboard

I hadn't had much of a chance to learn over the end of 2015 as super busy, so I decided to at Xmas to play with AngularJS and make this field archery scoreboard. It's a little busted at the moment, soz. Got distracted by making pretty things in Processing!

Ami Elisah Bridal

Elegant fully responsive Wordpress action, using my very favourite Bones theme as a starting point, for this bridal couture site.

WYLDE music

A classy simple Wordpress site using the Bones theme, with added fullscreen imagery goodness, for this Bristol duo.

Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst

Wordpress jiggery pokery on the Bones theme for an academic website dedicated to the virtuoso violinist.

Perus Crew

Responsive Wordpress site for Finland's best skateboard company. Built on the Bones theme, with loads of extra goodness thrown in.


A simple and clean one page site for the deep house mandem Outboxx. Responsive build created off the back of 320andup.


Wordpress theme hacking and slashing for this blog about American music. Responsive grid.

Does My Computer Have A

Messing around with CSS delays and simple animation. A "funny" internet lesson. Google still won't index it.

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